“It is important support, it makes it possible for me to focus on my research and coach postgraduate students and postdoctors instead of being under pressure to bring in money for my own salary,” says Joakim Larsson, who researches into the environmental effects of medicine.

Joakim Larsson’s research on the emissions of medicine in sewage water in India and elsewhere has previously been the object of a great deal of attention in the international media.

In the current round Vetenskapsrådet’s ’Faculty of Medicine’ has nominated nine Swedish researchers for new posts. On condition that the respective university undertakes the employer’s liability for the research the formal decision will be made later in the autumn.

According to VetenskapsrĂĄdet, the aim of the posts is to renew Swedish research. To be nominated it is a requirement that the research is independent, established, is in an active research phase and that postgraduate student and/or postdoctor supervision is carried out.

Martin Bergö researches within the field of basal disease mechanisms and leads a research group at the Wallenburg Laboratory at the Sahlgrenska Academy. They research into lung cancer and leukaemia. The group has developed advanced genetic mouse models in which they study mechanisms for cancer development and test new treatment strategies.

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