The International Conference on New Business Models has a mission to facilitate inter- and transdisciplinary research on new business models contributing to sustainable development. Maya Hoveskog, Associate Professor in Innovation Management at Halmstad University, steps in until further notice as new board member of the internationally acknowledged conference series.

New Business Models, NBM, started as a conference series in 2014 in Toulouse, in France with 20-30 participants and has since evolved into a much larger event. Last year, Halmstad University was hosting the event, involving about 200 people from 80 universities and organizations worldwide.

The purpose of the conference series is to further the research on business models for sustainability. It is an emerging field of research, where alternative and more sustainable ways of doing business are explored. It considers, among other, whether firms can be embedded in the environmental and social system, and how various stakeholders can cooperate and contribute to sustainability, for instance employers and local communities.

“Each business model for sustainability should be able to capture economic value while maintaining or even regenerating natural, social, and economic capital”, says Maya Hoveskog.

As new board member Maya Hoveskog will, together with the rest of the NBM board, work with strategic issues centered around the future of the conference series.

“We are going to ensure academic excellence and knowledge transfer by engaging with practitioners from the private and public sector. Additionally, a key focus area for the board is to nurture and facilitate the NBM community so it can flourish, which I am particularly interested and committed to. During the NBM Conference last year, I contributed to this by initiating and co-organizing the first Doctoral Workshop as an arena where young and senior scholars could meet and discuss. The workshop was a success and will be a recurring element of the conference series”, says Maya Hoveskog.

Maya Hoveskog’s research focuses on innovation processes with special interest in sustainability-oriented business model innovation and value creation. Her research field is within teaching and learning in higher education as well.

“I have a particular interest in visualization tools and approaches to support the early phases of the innovation process. It is valuable to collaborate with colleagues from various disciplines, for instance, environmental studies, design studies, informatics, and humanities”, she says.

Maya Hoveskog
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