The International Conference on Software Engineering organizes for the first time a competition for students, SCORE (Student Contest On Software Engineering). Fifty projects from around the world were submitted to the competition. Mälardalen University submitted four projects and three of them are now in the final.

The projects which the students of Mälardalen University sent are part of a Master course in distributed software development, which Mälardalen University offers in cooperation with the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

The competing teams, which consisted of 6-7 students from both Mälardalen University and University of Zagreb, developed software on various topics.

– The team members were very good at practical aspects of working near potential users of the systems. The strong practical link is an important part in education, says Rikard Land, Senior Lecturer at Mälardalen University.

Representatives from the six teams which are in the final, will present their projects at the 31st ICSE conference in Vancouver, Canada, 16-24 May. Around two thousand researchers and industry representatives are expected to participate in this year’s ICSE in Vancouver.

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