The convention is sponsored by the International Environmental Institute at Lund University, Sweden, in collaboration with the Centre for Technolution at the Lund Institute of Technology.

More than 500 young people aged 15-18 years from 150 countries around the entire world have participated in a Web-based course, which is to conclude with the large-scale convention (some ten youths from Lund will be attending).

“I have collaborated with the International Environmental Institute for a year and a half, making images for their activities in China, for example. For this coming exhibit, some fifty older pictures are being complemented by another eight new ones (the Alexandria Octet) in which I emphasize that technology is the solution to our environmental problems. Technology is not a dirty word,” says Peter Broberg.

Peter Broberg is professor of human technology at the Lund Institute of Technology, and, together with Professor Skotte Mårtensson, has created 100 images with text illustrating the development of humankind, how humans created technology and are created by technology. They have also made a movie that will be shown in Alexandria to present the concept, and they have employed a student to demonstrate it and monitor the young people’s reactions.

Peter Broberg has worked with high school students for several years throughout the Nordic countries, raising the level of competence of some 500 teachers and reaching thousands of their students. The Nordic Culture Council has supported this work with images. Now the project has been granted funding from the Sparbank Foundation in Scania (SEK 700,000 over two years) to work with pictures and technology at some ten elementary schools in the Malmö-Lund area.

“It will be exciting to see how many new contacts we get in Alexandria. We are encouraging the young researchers to contact us,” says Peter Broberg.

Peter Broberg can be reached at phone: +46 418-280 50 or e-mail: