Dutchman Frans Lanting is one of our time’s great nature photographers. For more than twenty years, his pictures in magazines and books around the world have aroused huge interest. He has long been one of the most published photographers in National Geographic magazine. With penetrating technique, he has depicted the plurality of life from the smallest insects to the largest mammals. Cooperating closely with researchers, Frans Lanting has documented shrinking rainforests and threatened animal species. Among other subjects, he has recorded the unknown social life of man’s closest relative, the dwarf chimpanzee.

In the award citation, the Board states: “Frans Lanting is given the prize for having zealously and over many years illustrated in pictures the wonders of nature. He takes his camera where few others venture, revealing what was previously invisible. He has a visible urge to craft his pictures in a unique way and the results are intimate, grand, elegant and simultaneously both journalistic and scientific.”

The Lennart Nilsson Award was founded in 1998. The prize sum is SEK 100,000. The prize will be awarded on 21 October in Stockholm’s Berwaldhallen concert hall in connection with the Karolinska Institute’s annual inauguration ceremony.

Frans Lanting is on assignment in Africa and is unable to attend the prize ceremony on 21 October. He will however be in Stockholm in early November to give a lecture about his work. Time and place to be announced.

For more information about Frans Lanting, go to www.lanting.com

Press pictures can be downloaded from http://info.ki.se/news/lt_prize/

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