– We are absolutely thrilled, says Rector Anna Valtonen. The ranking shows the results of our ambitions and hard work. We approve only the worldĀ“s best students and give them a creative and professional environment for developing their skills and prepare them for a career after graduation. We are all very proud of the students and staff that make this possible.

UID was also recently ranked the 4th best institute for design education in the world by iF, one of the most important and influential design institutes. Of the 17 iF and red dot prizes won by UID students, 15 of them were awarded to students at the Master Programme for Advanced Product Design (APD), 12 of which during the last four years. Thomas Degn is the Programme Director of APD since 2008.

– ItĀ“s an extraordinary acknowledgement to be ranked this high by both iF and red dot, and at the same time. I take this as a confirmation of our studentsĀ“ great talent, and it also shows our education is relevant and professional. Considering the moderate size of the UID and the APD programme, all involved should be very proud and more than content with what we have accomplished together during the last years, says Thomas Degn.

About the red dot ranking
The red dot design ranking, compiled by red dot institute, honors organizations at the forefront of design excellence and innovation. The ranking is computed using a weighted formula considering the cumulative number and classes of awards won over 5 years, and with a strong emphasis on recency.

UID has recieved six red dot awards:
2011: Cenk Aytekin (The fire fighter project)
2010: John Ju Seok Lee (The fire fighter project), Anna-Karin Bergkvist (Degree project (Husqvarna))
2009: Francisco Lindoro x 2 (Child birth (Own project)) + Philips Bone Repair),Patrik Pettersson (Degree project (Electrolux))

For more information, please contact:
Anna Valtonen, Rector UID
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E-mail: anna.valtonen@dh.umu.se

Thomas Degn, Programme Director in Advanced Product Design
Telephone: +46 90 786 77 41
E-mail: thomas.degn@dh.umu.se

Photo: Linda Bogren

UID, APD: http://www.uid.umu.se/product
The iF ranking (choose: ranking university): http://www.ifdesign.de/ranking_tabellen_e
The red dot ranking (page 4): http://cdx.dexigner.com/article/22480/Red_Dot_Design_Ranking_for_Design_Concepts.pdf

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