Researchers within the field of dementia and care of dementia patients will also be elucidating the special situation experienced by people with dementia and their relatives and how Universal Design can contribute to facilitating their everyday lives.
Professor Boo Johansson from the University of Gothenburg will be taking part together with Aud Johannessen, doctoral candidate at NHV.
An important area that has recently become the focus of research is the central purchasing (public procurement) of products, services and systems for the use of all citizens.
– Unfortunately, too many central purchases are governed by the ”lowest price” rather than assessing the overall degree of accessibility and applicability, says Evastina Björk.
An inspiring PhD project is underway at NHV that is developing new methods to increase knowledge in purchasing authorities about how demands for accessibility can be included in procurement contracts. Sigrid Pettersén, doctoral candidate at NHV, will be presenting her research.

Contact: Evastina Björk, +46(0)39 39 28