“It is gratifying that the University’s efforts in this important area are being recognised,” says Vice-Chancellor Anders Hallberg. “Sound research practices pay off both in terms of research quality and public trust in University operations.

Research frequently gives rise to technical and medical advances with important implications for people and society. People and animals can be affected in very direct ways by methodological choices. The examination of research ethical issues accordingly represents an important area of concern for the research community.

The ESF study found that interest in such issues varies from country to country. Two institutions of higher education – Uppsala University and Sheffield Hallam University in the UK – are singled out in the report. Uppsala University is praised for its thorough efforts at preventing research misconduct and promoting sound research practices. Special mention is made of the University’s Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics, which coordinates activities related to research ethics, bioethics and medical law, pursues associated research and trains students and researchers.  

The Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics also collaborates with the Swedish Research Council with regard to the CODEX website, which presents research ethical guidelines. Stefan Eriksson, the editor of the website, is Associate Professor of Research Ethics at the Centre and oversees a number of the University’s research ethics training programmes for doctoral students.

“That PhDs should be capable of independently dealing with research ethical issues is one of the University’s stated goals in connection with its PhD programmes,” comments Stefan Eriksson. “Training is obligatory for all doctoral students of medicine, pharmacy, science and technology.  We also have a course for the social sciences and are in the process of developing one for the humanities, within which ethics represents a traditional discipline.”

Read the attached report or download on ESF-website [Ref 1].

Additional information about the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics [Ref 2].

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