Monday Morning 02 November 2009: Yvon Chouinard’s Presentation and Panel Discussion
** The Swedish School of Textiles and The University of Borås are honored to present environmentalist legend Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia sports clothing and equipment company. An inspirational adventurer known around the globe as one of the first business-minded champions of environmental and social responsibility, Chouinard will discuss—on his first occasion in Sweden—his visionary commitment to “the sustainability thing” and its integration into Patagonia’s unsurpassed design solutions, product quality, and managerial philosophy.
** Mr. Chouinard’s talk will be followed by a question and answer period and a panel discussion with key individuals from Swedish businesses and education moderated by renown international business consultant Dr. Christian Votava of Real_ise Strategic Consultants and Swedish School of Textiles professor of textile management and humanistic marketing Simonetta Carbonaro.

Monday Afternoon 02 November 2009: Speaker Presentations and Panel Discussion
** Jill Dumain, Director of Environmental Analysis, Patagonia, Inc. and current chair of the Organic Exchange, will further the first day’s insights with a discussion of the challenges and rewards of openly communicating best and evolving practices for reducing environmental pressures throughout the value chain.
** Peter Waeber, CEO of Swiss-based blueSign® technologies, will present the blueSign®-standard, one of the most holistic, reliable, one-label environmental, health, and safety compliance tools at the disposal of the entire textile production and retail network.

Tuesday Morning and Afternoon 03 November 2009: Workshop
** This by invitation only workshop will be lead by Jill Dumain and Peter Waeber as a platform for overcoming competitive parameters between all entities of the textile production and consumption chain. The critical mass of environmental degradation has already occurred; we urgently need to create a countervailing critical mass of environmental cooperation as a driving force to rebalance our “present future”. This workshop will be attended by managers and decision-making stakeholders who want to address the concrete problems and headaches of implementing sustainable solutions. A limited number of graduate level students will be accepted by application.

All events are free of charge but participation will be limited.

More Details and Contact Information Coming in August.