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Press releases

A single cell type map of human tissues

30 July, 2021 - Uppsala universitet

In a study published in the US journal Science Advances, a single cell type map of human tissues is presented. An open access atlas has been launched with more than 250,000 interactive plots to allow researchers to explore the expression in individual single cell types for all protein-coding genes in these tissues.

Nine of ten patients with high blood pressure need more treatment

28 July, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Of patients with hypertension, nine-tenths do not receive enough treatment and are thereby at elevated risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, a University of Gothenburg thesis shows. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the leading treatable cause of illness and death worldwide. More than a billion people are hypertensive, defined as having blood pressure (BP) […]

Why mothers in novels leave their families

21 July, 2021 - Uppsala universitet

Mothers leaving their families is not a new theme in Swedish fiction. But the reasons for leaving have changed. It is no longer about lack of gender equality, instead, they feel suffocated by the nuclear family, by the children or simply by society’s demands to have children. That is one of the conclusions in Jenny Björklund’s research on why mothers in 21st century books leave their families.

Knowledge and support improve menopausal health

21 July, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

More knowledge and individual support from primary care services can alleviate women’s menopausal problems, a University of Gothenburg thesis shows. Not feeling well or like one’s normal self, but without any distinct sense of being ill, is experienced by numerous women during menopause, according to Lena Rindner, district nurse with a Ph.D. in community medicine […]

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